ten word stories

Perhaps she didn't ask because she already knew the answer. 


There has been a lot of talk since last Wednesday.  Some of it good and some of it just that- talk. 
It wasn't the first time that it happened.  Not even the first time this year.  Of course, the number will change depending where you look, who you ask.  
There's always one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth though- one more than the others.  Sometimes more than one.
2012 was one of those. My first year with my own classroom.  My first year with 92 students who were my responsibility.  92 students who at any given moment I would have put my own life at risk if it meant they would be okay.  A task I took on at age twenty-three.  
It's one of those things that they don't list in the job description.  Also one of those things that I'd like to think any adult would be willing to do in order to give that child the chance to live the life that's ahead of them.  
For educators, give that child the chance to be that agent of change that we work so hard, and sometimes lit…


Sometimes running is the brave thing.


see you next year

It's been a while since we've busted one of these out....

In 2017, I gained a new career path. 
I lost some loved ones.
I stopped meal planning, but am hoping to get back on that horse this year. 
I started taking zumba. 
I was hugely satisfied by earning the recognition of the peers in my division. 
And frustrated by the pile of toys in my living room. 
I am so embarrassed that my cheeks still give everything away. 
Once again Ididn't quite make my deadline. 
I loved spending time away from the hustle and bustle. 
I should have spent more time taking walks to the park. 
I regret buying that mother's day gift for someone who hasn't used it much. 
I will never regret buying yet another elaborate father's day gift even though with that money I could have bought some new wardrobe pieces. 
I didn't read enough.
Certain elders drove me crazy.
Was the allergy season crazier than ever last year?  Or was it me?
The most relaxing place I went was the ole fishing hole.
I feel at ease

last time

She remembered exactly what she was wearing the last time she saw him.  Her favorite pair of blue jeans, which happened to be his as well, and an old long sleeve henley.  Looking back, a part of her wished that it had been something more memorable- something that would have stuck out and separated her from his other memories.  
The other part of her, the better part of her, knew that it was best for him to remember her exactly how it was.

ten word stories

She dreamt of him
   only when it was least convenient.